From Our Family to Yours, Mangia, Mangia!

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Our Story


Italian American born Edward, garnered his nickname “Eddie Spaghetti” at an early age when he fell into a 20 gallon container of spaghetti sauce. That was the start of a lifelong passion for Italian food, especially pasta sauce. The son of a Florida Restaurateur, Eddie grew up cooking in his father’s kitchens. Now an award winning chef and skilled saucier in own right, Eddie has always dreamed of manufacturing his pasta sauces for the world to enjoy.

At ripe old age of 67, Eddie began selling his pasta sauces at a local farmer’s market. As you can imagine customers LOVED the sauces! So he enlisted the help of his wife and daughter and together they decided to go for it and pursue Eddie’s dream. Eddie and his family know their pasta sauces will leave you hungry for more!